Side French Braid

side french braidI started doing this side french braid in the summer when I still remembered what it was like to feel hot outside and just wanted to have my hair off my back and neck and in one place where it would stay all day and not make me sweaty or drive me crazy.

And guess what! This side french braid fit the bill perfectly. Not to mention, I think it looks super cute but is simple enough it can be done for any occasion. I also like it because it’s actually two french braids that connect to form one braid. The first time I did it, I was in the process of growing out bangs, meaning they were at the huge-pain-in-the-butt length. Not long enough to put behind my ear, constantly falling out of ponytails and regular braids to annoy my face and eyes. But this hairdo kept them braided and in place nicely all day–bonus!

First, brush out all your tangles and part your hair the way you like. On the side of your head that you want the braid to be once complete, begin french braiding from the top of your head and working your way down to the nape of your neck, only adding in hair from the front (near your face, not from the back of your head). Once you’ve reached the nape of your neck, finish your braid off with a little piggy-tail braid that should contain about a third of all your hair. Secure with an elastic. Pull braid apart a little from the bottom working upward to make it fuller.








On the other side of your head, start french braiding from the top of your head working downward in the same fashion, adding hair from the front. Instead of stopping at the nape of your neck, keep braiding toward the other side of your head, adding in hair from off your neck.

This braid is not perfect, it’s a little twisted, but that’s okay. This is the side of my head that is a little trickier for me to do due to my right-handedness. But even with imperfections, the finished product looks good, and that’s all I really care about.











Once you’ve reached the other side of your neck where your completed piggy tail braid is, your across-the-head braid should contain about another third of your hair, with the last third being the unbraided hair in the back of your head. Keeping these three sections separated, hold them all in your hands and use them now to form your side braid. Braid to the bottom of your hair, secure with an elastic (can be the same elastic you used to secure your first small braid; just pull it out once you reach the bottom of the braid and use it for your new, big braid) and pull the braid apart slightly from the bottom working upward to make it fuller.


Use a comb, if necessary, to softly brush across the unbraided hair in the back of your head to smooth out any bumps, or if your like me, the part of your scalp that always likes to show at the crown of your head.















One of my favorite parts about this hairstyle is the braid within the side braid. It adds great texture and a little extra pizzazz, I think. Not to mention, it really helps the braid stay looking nice (i.e., no random long strands of hair falling completely out) all day. This braid within a braid technique could of course be used in other non-french braid styles.








Hope this tutorial is helpful and you like this hairstyle as much as I do! If you try it, comment with pictures of your side french braid so I can admire your beauty. :)

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