Perky Ponytail, Quick and Easy

Here’s a simple tip on getting the perfect, perky ponytail.

Perky Ponytail

I feel like the longer my hair has gotten, the harder it has become to achieve a perky ponytail with all this hair just weighing itself down. In order to make my ponytail look the way I wanted it to, I had to curl and tease it beforehand, which pretty much never happened, because in my opinion a ponytail is supposed to be a fast, classic hairstyle. Keyword being fast. And so messy bun it was.

But sometimes I just wanted to have a cute, perky ponytail! As I’ve been growing my hair out the past three years, preparing to donate it, I kept waiting for the day when my hair would be long enough to put in a high ponytail and still have it fall down past the front of my shoulder. Perhaps a silly goal to work toward, but it was my silly goal, and I had achieved it at last. Now I just needed my long ponytail to look flattering as well.

And so I discovered a trick involving this little guy (I believe he’s called a small jaw clip).


I just comb my hair into a high ponytail, making sure it’s secure but not too flat to my head. Once the elastic is in place, I flip my ponytail forward across my face. I take my little jaw clip and clip him into the bottom of my ponytail, just above the elastic, holding as much hair as he can handle, like so:


I let my now perky ponytail drop, make sure it’s pulled tightly to my scalp, and brush it out if needed since my hair is long and any sort of flipping movements create instant tangles.


Looks good from the back, yay. (Here’s another tip: my hair is naturally straight, but you’ll notice some waves pictured. Haha, I certainly didn’t take the time to curl it for this 3-minute ponytail. I just wash it every 2-3 days, and this bit of curl is the result of wearing it in a high messy bun while sleeping the night before.)


Looks good from the front, double yayay. (With such a quick hairdo, I might have taken the extra time to make my makeup look really good. But alas, it was to be a day at home with my son, perhaps a simple errand or two to keep cabin fever at bay, and so 3-minute hairdo and 6-minute makeup it was.)

So there you have it, a quick and easy, perfectly perky ponytail for any occasion. :)

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  1. Ah! Thank you for sharing this! I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail a lot lately and knew there had to be a trick for this! :)

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