Oh hey Blog, welcome to the World.

(And a big warm welcome to you, Reader. )

I’ve always wanted to start you, Blog, but blogs are popular and I always seem to steer clear of things that are popular. When everyone I knew was talking about the first Twilight book and how awesome it was (don’t judge my friends for that), I was all like, “um, no thank you.” Then the movie came out and my roommates were going to see it, and I didn’t want to be a party pooper, so I read that vampy-romancey high school page-turner the few days prior to the theater showing, because I have a personal standard about not seeing a book-based movie until I’ve read the book. (Turns out I rather enjoyed the series—no judging me for that.)

And a few years ago, when every female under seventy and half of the ones over were walking around the mall wearing crazy-printed leggings, I made a rash decision that there was just no way I would own a pair until the fad was over. (Still honoring that decision.) It’s not that I have anything against things that are popular. I’ve always loved all things Harry Potter… but I read The Sorcerer’s Stone the year it came out, so I like to think of myself as one of the original HP lovers, among the first fans who helped make the industry all that it is. (You’re welcome.)

That’s right, I like to be a trend-setter. I’d rather be a leader than a follower. If I can’t be a leader, then I’ll wait until that trend is so over that I’ll look like I’m trying to bring it back again, pretty much making me a leader. But no… it’s not that I have such a burning desire to be a leader—I’m too much of an introvert for that (an extroverted-introvert, I like to think). I just want to be unique. I like to do things because I want to do them, not because I’m being pushed into it. Ok, maybe that just makes me stubborn. (My husband would agree with that.)

Whatever I am, I realized I can be any and all of it with my very own one of you, Blog. It’s all about me, baby. Something in my life I can completely control. And a control-lover like me needs some more of that, especially after a day of trying to let my three-year-old help me in the kitchen. I realize this vast blogging world doesn’t really need me. But perhaps, I need the blogging world. And if I can make someone chuckle or feel kinda entertained or like they can totes relate to something I say on this virtual adventure, Ima feel like I did pretty doggone good. (Yes, I’m talking to you Reader. Blog is now just silently transmitting my message to you.)

It’s been a while since I’ve done much writing, and that’s a bit of a tragedy considering I went to school for four years to get a degree in English-creative writing. (Look Ma and Pa, I’m startin’ a blog! Finally puttin’ that education to use.) As it turns out, when a writer (at least me) doesn’t write for a while, it gets easier and easier to not write for a little while longer and then a lot longer until I hardly even consider myself a writer anymore but instead a late-night Facebook-scrolling, Pinterest-pinning, Netflix-binging, book-reading burnt-out mom who is simply making the most relaxing use of the time I have between when the child goes to sleep and my betraying heavy eyelids force me to hit the hay as well. But all that’s about to change. Oh, yes it is.

Yeah…no. Who am I kidding? Not you, and certainly not me. I don’t want it to change; I love my nighttime me-time rituals. I live for them. I look forward to them all the day long. I’m just gonna be adding “blog-writing” to the mix. I’m so well-rounded like that.

Yep, this is my first blog post and I am here to stay. You can count on that. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh puh, you’ll last a few months and then your posts will fizzle out and soon enough you’ll be making catch-up posts for the past year and apologizing for letting us all down.” But no, not me. You get those thoughts right out of your mind. I am not a fizzler, and I am not a quitter. I have big plans for this blog. Entry ideas coming out of my ears. Plus, I used to have a xanga, and I lasted on that thing for like, three post-pubescent years.

…But if I do turn out to be a fizzler, don’t burn me at the stake, ‘kay???

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