Haircut: Long to Lob

Long hairWhelp, I finally got a haircut. Almost 2 weeks ago actually, and I haven’t even posted a single pic of it, and I’ve decided that feels so anticlimactic since I’d only been growing those hairs out for the past 4 years, you know… Hence, a whole blog post is now being devoted to my haircut, woohoo, because I care and so do you!

I’ve had something of a lifelong tradition of growing my hair out then cutting it short, growing it out again to cut it short again, and so on and so on. I don’t usually like to keep it the same length for long. Which is odd, because I typically hate change in almost all other matters of life–go figure!

2012 haircut
Pregnant mama-to-be haircut, 4 years ago

A year-and-a-half or so ago when my hair was waist-length and I surprisingly wasn’t totally sick of it yet, I decided I might as well grow it to my bum just to say I had and then donate it because I never have before, and it would be a waste not to. So that’s what I did. Long hairLong hair

Since my hair was longer than it had ever been before, I felt more attached to it than I ever had before. I’ve been talking about doing the big haircut for several months, but kept putting it off for one reason or another. Finally I scheduled my haircut in advance, and having that commitment set helped me go through with it at last. I thought I was going to cry when those 15-inch long ponytails snipped right off in a matter of seconds after years of growing. But I didn’t. It actually felt completely normal. Like it was time and I’d been ready for it longer than I’d realized. It felt lighter and somewhat liberating. It also felt nice to know those hairs were going to be put to good use. haircut

Sitting in that haircut-chair I had something of a revelation. Sometimes we put things off in life because we don’t think we’re ready to make the change. We’re scared to go through with it, because it’s easier to stick with what we know. And then finally we make the jump and do the big thing that has seemed so daunting, and just like that, it is done. It turned out to be quite easy. It quickly becomes obvious, in hindsight, that it had been the best thing to do all along, and we wonder why we had felt so afraid. Because, after all, that tired old hair had been hanging there dead-celled and lifeless for 4+ years anyway. It had served its purpose, and it was time to move on. We hang on to things even when they’re no longer doing us any good, because they feel vital and impossible to let go of. When we finally do let go, we expect to feel immediate regret and sorrow. But instead we feel free.

Haircuts are deep.

Anywho, I have no regrets about mine. 15 inches off took my hair to the ever-so-popular (and for good reason) lob level, and I am lobbin’ it. I mean lovin’ it.

Lob haircut lob haircut lob haircut   lob haircutlob haircut

7 thoughts on “Haircut: Long to Lob”

  1. Looks so cute- can you post a pic of it in a ponytail? Just curious how high you can wear one at that length….also, can’t wait to see whether you try to go even shorter next time in the chair- short cuts bring out your beautiful face!

    1. Argh, I can’t seem to figure out how to post a pic in these comments?? But maybe I’ll have to make a post out of that–updos for medium/short hair:P Anway, I can actually get a pretty high ponytail, but it needs a couple bobby pins to secure the hair underneath from falling. I’ve been sticking mostly with low ponytails though since they stay back so well–plus I did so many high ponytails/messy buns when my hair was long, a break from that is okay!
      Also, thanks so much Danielle!

  2. Oh my goodness Stacey! I love your hair! You look beautiful! You are so amazing. I love what you write!

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