About Me

I’m a 26-year-old midwestern girl (residing in Utah) who likes to bake and eat yummmy edibles, do artsy crafty things, read as many great stories as possible, try new hairstyles when I’m up for it, wear cute outfits a couple times a week, write all the important words in a manner as entertaining/humorous/thought-provoking as I can muster, make friends, and be REAL.

I’ve been married over six years to the man who sat down next to me almost seven years ago in the BYU library, where we both attended school, and leaned over real close to ask me, “What’s that you’re studying?” He then pretended like he had also taken Calculus 2, and had the audacity to tell me if I needed any help, he was my guy. We have a three-year-old son who is adorable and rambunctious and has given my life more meaning and happiness and lunacy than I ever thought possible.