8 Tips for Getting Chores Done Faster

8 Tips for Getting Chores Done FasterMaybe you don’t need any tips for getting your chores done faster, but if you’re like me, maybe you do. It’s not that I love doing chores so much that I purposely make them take forever or anything, but I am naturally a meticulous perfectionist. When I do something, I want to do it meticulously and perfectly; otherwise, I don’t want to do it. That becomes a problem with everyday chores. Either I take way too long doing them, or I don’t do them at all. Here are my tips for changing that, and getting chores done faster.

1. Don’t Lay Down First

When I know I need to get chores done, I try really hard not to recline around on the couch first with the intention of working my way into the chore-completing mood. It won’t happen. It will only sound more and more like drudgery, and if I ever actually do get up, I won’t be in a chipper or energetic mood about it, but dreadful and slow. Lying on the couch is for after chores are complete (but if you accidentally reverse the two, refer to tip #2).

2. Listen to Upbeat Music

I know cleaning and exercising may not be the same thing (although I feel completely justified when I skip a workout because I cleaned), but I like to listen to the same kind of music for both. I listen to my most upbeat, fast-paced, get-me-moving jams when I’m at the gym, and it turns out rocking to the same tunes while I clean gets me moving quicker and my chores done faster.

3. Set a Time Limit

This may sound silly, because honestly, it’s not that I love doing chores so much that I just can’t make myself stop. But if I set a timer and pay attention to the minutes ticking by and how much more I intend to accomplish, I simply work faster. (This strategy works well for things besides chores, too.)

4. Have a Realistic Plan

Whenever I’ve set out to clean and organize the whole house in one day, I get hopelessly overwhelmed one-and-a-half chores in and end up laying on the couch Netflixing. But when I make a realistic plan with specific chores for the day, I can finish them feeling accomplished, not feeling guilty about everything else I unrealistically meant to get done.

5. Don’t Use the Restroom

This might sound ridiculous, but I seriously start washing dishes all the time when I need to pee. I wouldn’t take this too far to the point of bursting my bladder, but needing to urinate and not doing so until the task at hand is complete causes me to work at near-superhuman speeds.

6. Find Your Rhythm

When it comes to weekly chores, I like to have a routine. Certain chores for certain days, an order for doing them, a specific method for each one. Having this rhythm allows me to get my groove on and get those chores done faster.

7. Have a Cleaning Caddy

Is it just me, or does it totally stink when you start cleaning the upstairs bathroom only to realize the cleaning supplies is in the cabinet of the bathroom downstairs, and once you get to the bathroom downstairs, you realize you forgot the toilet cleaner upstairs? Going back and forth throughout the house is a great way to waste extra time on chores, so a cleaning caddy, stored in one particular place, containing all the most essential cleaning supplies becomes very handy for simply grabbing and going.

8. Reward Yourself

Once all the chores are complete, I like to reward myself. Whether it’s a banana split, reading more of the book I’ve been thinking about all day, wasting time on Facebook, or doing whatever the heck I want for the rest of my kid’s nap time, that reward has been thought about long before the chores were begun. Keeping my eye on the prize like this definitely helps me work quickly and get those chores done faster, because banana split MUST. GET IN. MY BELLY. And now.

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